bob chapman and Autosport image

A good friend told me, “The one activity that you’re most passionate about, you need to set that aside for your weekends. Once that activity puts food on the table, everything changes.” It was meant as a gentle warning. After more than a decade in Corporate America leading multi-million dollar technology and systems installations, I’d come to the realization that, absent passion in my professional pursuits, excellence was exceedingly difficult to achieve. I grew tired of settling for good enough. A constant internal struggle meant something had to give.

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” — Francis Bacon

A longtime passion for endurance racing and a growing passion for photography made for a logical marriage. As I started drifting from my corporate career, I found a way to stand trackside at the 2000 running of the 12 Hours of Sebring, camera in hand. It’s been a constant blur of activity since then, as I’ve photographed nearly every American Le Mans Series and most Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series races. Autosport Image was born along the way, and I’ve never looked back. I’ll let others judge any success I’ve achieved in my quest for excellence. But with passion fueling my pursuit, I don’t settle for good enough. Best of all, I followed my friend’s advice: The one activity I’m most passionate about? I get to do it on my weekends.

autosport image: don’t get lost in the blur.