Whether a car is sitting still or moving at 200 miles per hour, many automotive photographers are capable of “filling the frame” with it. It’s a far more difficult task to capture an image that evokes the range of emotions that race fans and automotive aficionados feel when they witness the objects of their passions. But that is what Autosport Image strives for.

"…Whenever I leaf through the impressive gallery of shots he has produced for us over the years, I come away yet again with a sense of wonder and appreciation for what he does…” (Full quote)

— Seth Neiman: Owner, Flying Lizard Motorsports

Autosport Image provides comprehensive photographic services that span the entire motorsport and automotive spectrum. Clients range from race teams and drivers to sponsors and manufacturers to magazines. Prospective clients who want only a frame filled with a car will be sorely disappointed by the services Autosport Image delivers. However, those who value a frame filled with the sensation of a race car whizzing by at dizzying speeds or the experience of exploring the subtle curves of a manufacturer’s latest automotive offering have come to the right place.

"Bob’s beautiful photographs do more than just record the event, they tell the story of a race weekend… he uniquely captures the thrill and excitement of sports car racing…” (Full quote)

— Jennifer Hart: Marketing Director, Flying Lizard Motorsports

Further, Autosport Image has developed deep relationships with the leading graphic design, marketing, brand development, public relations and media professionals in the motorsport and automotive community. So as needs extend beyond photography, additional services can be seamlessly added to the mix. From posters to web sites to major media and marketing campaigns, Autosport Image can help coordinate delivery and ensure results.

"…His corporate background gives him a keen insight into the business of racing… And his willingness to always go the extra mile makes the difference…" (Full quote)

— Sylvia Proudfoot: Owner, Spur Communications

Whether it’s the blur of a race weekend, the blur of a major media blitz or the blur of a new product and its associated marketing campaign, Autosport Image brings focus to its clients.

autosport image: don’t get lost in the blur.